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Hello, I'm Shantelle!:) I'm a Model & Author in Los Angeles,CA! "Confessions of an Internet Model" is about How I Succeeded on the World Wide Web!" My book explores how I got my start in the modeling industry online at: www.Shantelle.net ! I include My Personal Stories of experiences I have encountered with being in the modeling industry as well as Positive Quotes, Exclusive Photos, and Real World Advice!! Confessions shows you how I was able to make my dreams come to life and will motivate & inspire you along the way! If you set goals, stay focused, surround yourself with positivity, as well as take positive action, you are bound to turn your dreams into reality! I also include incredible websites that made my modeling dreams come true! If you're looking to get into the Modeling Industry, curious about what goes on behind the scenes, or need to be motivated to take ACTION to your life, then this book is PERFECT for you! Shantelle!
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